Monday, 17 December 2007

Opening words

After reading just a couple of pages in Blanchot’s L’écriture du désastre, fragments on inattentiveness and one on forgiveness. [On page 89: "Pardonne-moi de te pardonner."] These offer me an escape of sorts. From what, if not from myself.

Commentary on myself, i.e. on my “thesis”:

Claiming that when Kant speaks of hypotyposes (yes, in plural: schematic and symbolical type of hypotyposis) he is not speaking of metaphor, I don’t think I was clear enough.

“Images in poetry”, this is approximately what Celan says, “are nothing visual.” Keineswegs Visuelles. Nothing visual, nothing visible. [Later, I add the exact phrase: "Bildhaftes, das ist keineswegs etwas Visuelles". I cite this on p. 206 of my Counter-figures.]

The dog is nothing visible. The schema of “dog” is even less visible, if possible, than the schema of triangle.

“The visible”, writes Merleau-Ponty, “is pregnant with the invisible”. This is precisely a comment on Heidegger’s argument against the concept of metaphor in Der Satz vom Grund.

This love of the “abstract” — it is a love for that which shall disappear. Mortality, terrestriality, temporality, and never the supra-lunar... Never? Perhaps never. Always perhaps, never for ever, never, perhaps.

Love for the ephemeral.

For words too, like flowers.

Watch their éclosion in the morning light.


Bryce said...

This is such an interesting blog that I didn't even know where to comment for the whole thing. Good thoughts and good analysis!

Since I know you love Finnish, I thought I'd share this site with you that has pages in all languages (including Finnish): Suomi wiki browser

Pajari Räsänen said...

Thank you, Bryce, for the first ever comment on my blog (previously I made comments on my own posts, but I changed them into the "P.S.", "P.P.S." and "P.P.P.S."'s you can see on some posts). I am more than glad to read that you like it.

The link you gave us seems dead, I'm afraid.