Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bad Taste?

Photo by Dave Branfield / Brewdog

See the article "It's 55 percent and wrapped in roadkill, is this the world's most 'shocking' beer?" ( for more information about the image. A quote:

The decision to wrap the bottle in a dead animal was taken to indicate how special the beer was, blending brewing, taxidermy and "art."

– – –*

I wouldn't mind being turned into a coffee pot warmer after my death, but nobody asked the squirrel. I have mixed feelings about this kind of recycling: I think respecting a dead body is not completely irrational, and it doesn't seem to me that the brewery actually pays respect to the poor beasts (whether they manage to indicate the specialty of the "beer" with this gimmick is another question).

It's all the same shit these days. It's all raw matter, indifferent when it's dead. But in a sustainable culture, even shit deserves respect: fæces will be recycled as compost and thereby turned into "humanure", a soil amendment – earth to earth – and not just flushed away with precious fresh water.

* I will update this post later, since there's a lot to say about "materialist" indifference.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Said an agnostic to an atheist...

Call my disposition faith and I will call yours blasphemy.